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Supporting SMEs with fast invoice financing solutions

Our Service

We accelerate payments to suppliers of pre-qualified SMEs

Supplier can receive payments against their outstanding invoices they have with their SME buyers. 

Supplier submits invoice

Supplier submits an invoice using our platform or physically to the buyer. 

Buyer approves the invoice

 Buyer select the invoices it wants paid from the list of pre-qualified suppliers who’ve submitted their invoices

Payment to supplier is processed

We process payments to suppliers within 24 hours. 

Simplifying Inovice Management with Technology

Struggling to Manage your Payables?

You can utilize our technology platform to manage all your payables enabling your suppliers to easily interact with your payables department. 

Fast onboarding

Get Your Suppliers Paid Quickly

An application for the buyer may take up to 2 weeks but it only takes minutes to add a supplier on our platform. Only pre-qualified suppliers can submit invoices on the platform.