About Us

ZuriCap is an innovative invoice financing company based in Nairobi and serving SMEs across 8 counties in Kenya. 

Making Financing Easy

We extend short-term credit facilities to farmers and SMEs that supply processors and manufacturers by purchasing their receivables – also called Supply Chain Finance. We leverage technology to operate a paperless process making our financing process faster, cheaper, and more reliable. The suppliers are farmers and SMEs dealing in maize, wheat, milk and soya beans.

Our Story

ZuriCap was started by two college friends, Nathan and Riasat, who met at St. Lawrence University. Both were international students and Nathan’s passion to support rural farmers in his home country, Kenya brought them together. Riasat is originally from Bangladesh and currently run the fund together with Nathan in Nairobi, Kenya. 


Many farmers and suppliers of SMEs face long payment periods of up to 90 days or more. To farmers, the delays means late farm preparation and often times, missing to plant in time and take advantage of the seasonal rains. Agriculture is mostly rain-fed and timing is key. 



ZuriCap’s model seeks to accelerate payments to suppliers/farmers by providing immediate payments for their deliveries. Upon invoice maturity, ZuriCap gets paid by the processor. The credit risk lies with the processor and the farmers is derisked while enjoying shorter payment terms. 


ZuriCap is currently building a technology platform that allows SMEs and processors to manage their payables electronically. The platform will also supports electronic submission of invoices using web or single USSD mobile application.